Invisible Cities

Juliano Abramovay is active not only as an instrumentalist, but also as a composer and bandleader.


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The Brazilian Juliano Abramovay (Sao Paolo, 1988) is a master on the classical guitar. He studied at Codarts Rotterdam and also masters the fretless guitar and the oud. He also immersed himself in traditional music from Greece and Turkey. Juliano Abramovay is active not only as an instrumentalist, but also as a composer and bandleader.

With his ensemble Amazonon and the Gandhaya project, he is looking for a synthesis of Brazilian music and Mediterranean tradition. For Amazonon, he has put together a special ensemble with lyra, bass clarinet and percussion. The lilting-sounding lyra is also known as ‘kemenche’ and is a string instrument that is mainly found in Greece and Turkey.

A line-up that results in a unique group sound, which cannot be compared to anything else. The name Amazonon simultaneously refers to Greek mythology and the Amazon rainforest.

Juliano Abramovay and his unique ensemble found a warm welcome at the adventurous TRPTK label. The album is a fine mix of original pieces and repertoire by leading composers of today: John Zorn, Ralph Towner, Rabih Abou Khalil and the Greek Chrysanthi Gkika. The title ‘Invisible Cities’ refers to the book of the same name by Italo Calvino, in which, among other things, an imaginary meeting takes place between world traveller Marco Polo and the Mongolian ruler Dzhengis Kahn. A historical moment in which east and west came together.

This connecting vision can be found in Amazonon’s music, which is never obtrusive but constantly gives the listener space. “Listen to the sounds you hear and let your thoughts run free,” says Juliano Abramovay. “For me it was also extra special to find a moment for my music in the time of the Corona pandemic, when everything seemed to stand still.

I hope that we can give many concerts with this programme and offer listeners a contemplative moment. Finally, I am also very proud of the beautiful artwork of our album, created by Brazilian artist Maria Cau Levy.”

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    Sacred Place

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More information

Genre(s) World Music
Artist(s) Amazonon
Composer(s) Abou-Khalil, Rabih
Abramovay, Juliano
Gkika, Chrysanthi
Pascoal, Hermeto
Towner, Ralph
Zorn, John
Recording location(s) Little Giant Studio, Rotterdam (NL)
Recording date(s) April 2021
Cat. No.

TTK 0077

Release date

December 16th, 2023

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