Pioneers in sound

We are TRPTK, pioneers in sound. We believe that every artist deserves to convey their music, their story, in the very best possible way. Which is why we are a production company, a recording, mixing and mastering studio, and a music label.

Fully transparent

Our music label is fully transparent. We do not work with complex contracts and long-term exclusive commitments. Artists sign for a single album, we share everything equally, and after that is total freedom. This does not only mean ultimate freedom for the artist, it makes sure that we demand our absolute best efforts ourselves.

Music, in the broadest sense of the word, deserves innovation, technological optimization, and all possibilities that the digital realm brings us. We make optimal use of those technologies, and we develop each and every day, with the ultimate goal of bringing music to its full potential.

We are TRPTK, pioneers in sound. Welcome.