About us

Capturing more than just sound to provide recordings of the highest order.

Our goal is to create immersive experiences through sound. By creating an acoustic hologram, our recordings give you the illusion of being at the world’s most beautiful concert halls and churches – all this, while never leaving your listening room.

No costs or efforts are spared to seize that magical moment in which music is being created, and bring it home to you in the highest quality. Why? Simply because this is how music should be experienced: fresh and alive, not canned and with a stale aftertaste of conservation.

To us, music is life, and should be lived to the fullest in an authentic and uncompromising way.

Bringing you closer to the intentions behind the music and its performers.

Through our recordings, we bring you closer to the music and the musicians than you’ve ever imagined. The devil is in the details, and the ability to catch those makes the difference between good quality and excellent quality.

Whilst listening to our recordings, you’re able to perceive every breath, every bowing, every movement with an astonishing clarity. Not only do you hear the music, you hear the music as it is being created. This adds a human dimension to your listening experience, connecting you instantly and instinctively to what you’re listening to.

Using and developing state-of-the-art recording technology.

The basis for all of our recordings is our Optimised Omnidirectional Array (OOA for short), developed by founder and lead recording and mastering engineer Brendon Heinst. With OOA, we aim to create a truly accurate image of the soundstage, while retaining uncoloured transparency in the tonal characteristics of the recording.

Unlike many current recording techniques, OOA was developed scientifically through simulation and modelling, as well as through many listening tests with an independent listening panel.

But, however great any microphone array can be, the signals still have to be converted into the digital domain. Our aim at TRPTK is to do this conversion completely and utterly uncoloured, preserving all the tiniest little details without the harshness usually attributed to digital recording. The way we do this is by recording in Digital eXtreme Definition (DXD) at 352.8 kHz, 32 bits, a jaw-dropping 16 times higher than CD quality.

This means, in musical terms, that everything in the original performance is preserved. From the huge 32-foot pipe of a cathedral organ, to the highest notes on a piccolo flute. From the softest whispers all the way to the searingly loudest orchestral hits.

Engaging in outstanding musical collaborations.

Speaking of soft whispers and loud orchestral hits; we choose our artists not just by their ability to amaze us. We’re eager to collaborate with musicians and composers who walk that fine line between renewing genres and connecting to audiences. Together with them, we can achieve our goal of creating daring recordings that stay loyal to the idea of always aiming for the highest quality.

Because as TRPTK, we bring you not just the sound, but the core of music.

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