Discover the studio.

Otherwise known as: the office.

Located on the third floor, be sure to ask for the best coffee in town as a reward for climbing up those stairs: Most of our team members are not only experienced sound engineers, but also recognised and accomplished baristas.

While you kick back and sip your well-deserved drink, you might notice a console in the middle of the room, surrounded by some impressive speakers.

TRPTK Studio

This is where the magic of post-production happens. By having adapted the room to optimise listening to the highest degree, our team can confidently delve into the recording session to find the most expressive takes. Those will be strung together and result in the final edit.

But there’s more than meets the eye. To create such a space and the possibility to produce music at such an extreme level, TRPTK is very grateful to have found like-minded companies and partners all over the world. Their shared love for high quality audio and music has brought them all together to help us create recordings in the most ideal circumstances. Teamwork has brought us together to create the ability to be ahead of anything in the recording industry.

The passion and dedication of all these companies are crystallised in this very room, and in order to hear how all of this comes together and sounds, join us in the cockpit for the full 3D immersive experience.

And then maybe ask for another coffee.



  • 7x Josephson Engineering C617 w/ Gefell MK221 capsules
  • 4x Josephson Engineering C42
  • 4x Ehrlund EHR-M
  • 2x Singular Audio f-48

Microphone preamplifiers

  • 2x Grace Design m801mk2
  • 2x Merging Technologies Hapi

AD/DA conversion

  • 2x Merging Technologies Hapi
  • 1x Merging Technologies Anubis
  • 1x Grimm Audio CC2 master clock

Monitoring (mastering)

  • 5x KEF Blade Two (main L-R-C-Ls-Rs)
  • 4x KEF LS50 Meta (main Tl-Tr-Trl-Trr)
  • 3x Hegel H30 amplifiers
  • 1x Hegel C55 amplifier
  • 1x Merging Technologies Anubis monitor controller
  • 2x Audeze LCD-X headphones
  • Dolby Atmos production suite
  • Auro-3D production suite

Monitoring (location)

  • 2x KEF LS50 Custom Active Balanced
  • 2x Audeze LCD-X headphones
  • 1x Merging Technologies Anubis monitor controller


  • 16x Furutech custom ⍺-OCC microphone cables
  • 8x Furutech custom ⍺-OCC analog interlinks
  • 2x Grimm Audio TPR-8 breakout cables
  • 11x Furutech custom ⍺-OCC loudspeaker cables
  • 10x Furutech custom ⍺ PC-Triple C power cables
  • 1x Furutech NanoFlux NCF power cable
  • 10x TRPTK Reference network cable
  • 3x TRPTK Signature network cable
  • 2x Purecable Optimus custom microphone cables
  • 1x Purecable DIG75 master clock cable

Networking, tuning

  • 1x JCAT M12 Switch Gold
  • 2x JCAT NET Card XE
  • 1x JCAT Optimo 3 Duo linear power supply
  • 1x Computer Audio Design GC3
  • 1x Computer Audio Design GC1
  • 24x Furutech NCF Boosters

TRPTK Studio

TRPTK Studio

TRPTK Studio

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