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Jun 2221:00
Hanna Shybayeva
Piazza San Marco / Piano City Pordenone, IT
Jun 2314:00
Liam Nassereddine
Concertgebouw / Amsterdam, NL
Finals of the Royal Concertgebouw Competition
Jun 2820:00
Liam Nassereddine & North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra
CityProms / Leeuwarden, NL
Jul 519:00
Hanna Shybayeva
Kölner Klavierzimmer / Cologne, DE
Jul 616:00
Hanna Shybayeva
Kunstsalon Haus Lücker / Niederkrüchten, DE
Jul 2119:00
Liam Nassereddine
Wonderfeel Festival / 's-Graveland, NL
Jul 2819:00
Liam Nassereddine
Château du Lac / Genval, BE
Part of the Musica Mundi festival Gala Concert
Aug 719:00
Liam Nassereddine
Rencontres Musicales Festival / Champéry, CH
Aug 1500:00
Hanna Shybayeva
La Grange aux Pianos / Chassignolles, FR

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