Meet the team

Brendon Heinst, founder and senior recording & mastering engineer

His energy and his strive for perfection leave no stone unturned. Armed with unstoppable energy and enthusiasm, he makes sure that the artists and the music are lifted to the next level. He always remains in the eye of the storm to keep everything running smoothly, and combines a thorough technical knowledge with an uncompromising love for music at the highest level.

Antal van Nie, junior recording & mastering engineer

With a genuine love for all that’s immersive, Antal runs creates recordings and masters in the signature TRPTK sound, for all independent artists, labels and cinematographers alike. A true tinkerer, master of the buttons and dials, he makes sure this signature sound is available to anyone, all around the world.

Hans Erblich, editor and junior recording engineer

The best treasures can be found where no one looks. This is Hans’ mindset, as he elves through several takes to find the one take that makes the difference between a good edit and an excellent one. He makes sure that the final music sounds smooth and natural, and also helps in building a bridge between the artist’s intentions and the technical possibilities.

Maya Fridman, artists & repertoire manager

A burning desire to share new music with everyone: this is Maya’s mission to which she has dedicated herself. She does this not just by recording and performing music, but also by spreading the TRPTK bonfire and finding new artists and composers whose voices need to be heard.

Cyriel Pluimakers, marketing & pr manager

Bringing all our releases to audiences all over the world with his infectious laugh and unparalleled enthusiasm, Cyriel makes sure the artists’ music ends up in the hands of reviewers, editors, publishers, concert organizers, and many more. Best known for his monthly jazz top tens where only real jazz (no fakes!) make the cut, he’s a huge collector of vintage and modern vinyl records and CDs.

Ben van Leliveld, executive partner

One needs oxygen in order to breathe and grow, and Ben is here to provide that to the team of TRPTK. By inspiring the young team with trust, acumen and guidance, his experience is invaluable for TRPTK to keep on growing and outperforming itself.

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