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Serol Yapici & Héctor Sanz Castillo


Welcome to the world of “Serendipity,” a collection of musical stories that reflect my personal journey of discovery and expression. — Serol Yapici


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About the album

Welcome to the world of “Serendipity,” a collection of musical stories that reflect my personal journey of discovery and expression. As an oboist, this debut album represents the culmination of countless years spent exploring the depths of my instrument and the limitless possibilities of musical arrangement. In crafting the arrangements for each piece on “Serendipity,” I found inspiration in unexpected moments and chance encounters with melodies that lingered in the recesses of my mind. The oboe, with its hauntingly beautiful voice, became my companion on this artistic odyssey, allowing me to breathe new life into familiar tunes and unearth hidden gems. In addition to my own arrangements, I am also proud to bring to light an original oboe work that has never before graced the ears of an audience. These arrangements, along with the original composition, mark their world premiere on this album.

“Serendipity” is not just a collection of melodies; it is a personal narrative told through the voice of my oboe. Each note is a reflection of my passion, a snapshot of the serendipitous moments that have shaped my artistic sensibilities. I invite you to join me on this intimate journey, where my oboe serves as a companion, guide, and storyteller, weaving a tapestry of sound that is uniquely mine yet intimately shared.

May the music of “Serendipity” resonate with you on a personal level, inviting you to discover your own moments of serendipity within a musical conversation that transcends the boundaries between me as an artist and you as a listener, creating an intimate connection through the shared language of sound and emotion.

With deepest musical regards, Serol Yapici

Tracklist click to play/pause

  • Eric Coates (arr. Serol Yapici)

    First Meeting

    5:55 Play button Pause button 5:55
  • Ernest Bloch (arr. Serol Yapici)


    4:11 Play button Pause button 4:11
  • Sergei Rachmaninoff (arr. Serol Yapici)

    Elegy, Op. 3 No. 1

    6:29 Play button Pause button 6:29
  • Heitor Villa-Lobos (arr. Serol Yapici)


    5:19 Play button Pause button 5:19
  • César Franck (arr. Serol Yapici)

    Prélude, fugue et variation, Op. 18

    11:18 Play button Pause button 11:18
  • Cor de Groot

    Deux Figures pour Hautbois et Piano

    1. I. Colombine
      4:18 Play button Pause button 4:18
    2. II. Arlequino
      2:50 Play button Pause button 2:50
  • Gabriel Fauré (arr. Serol Yapici)

    Élégie, Op. 24

    6:23 Play button Pause button 6:23
  • Sergei Rachmaninoff (arr. Serol Yapici)

    Cello Sonata, Op. 19: III. Andante

    6:41 Play button Pause button 6:41
  • William Grant Still (arr. Serol Yapici)


    4:07 Play button Pause button 4:07
  • Pablo Casals (arr. Serol Yapici)

    Song of the Birds

    2:31 Play button Pause button 2:31
  • Henriëtte Bosmans (arr. Serol Yapici)

    Nuit calme

    5:06 Play button Pause button 5:06
  • Utku Asuroğlu (arr. Serol Yapici)

    Karlı Kayın Ormanı

    2:23 Play button Pause button 2:23

More information

Genre(s) Classical – Romantic (1830-1920)
Classical – Contemporary (> 1920)
Artist(s) Héctor Sanz Castillo
Serol Yapici
Composer(s) Asoroğlu, Utku
Bloch, Ernest
Bosmans, Henriëtte
Casals, Pablo
Coates, Eric
De Groot, Cor
Fauré, Gabriel
Franck, César
Rachmaninoff, Sergei
Still, William Grant
Villa-Lobos, Heitor
Recording location(s) Muziekcentrum van de Omroep - Studio 1, Hilversum (NL)
Recording date(s) May 2023
Cat. No.

TTK 0118

Release date

May 31st, 2024

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Tech specs


Josephson C617 w/ Gefell MK221 capsules (main)
Josephson C42 (height)

Microphone preamps

Grace Design m801mk2

AD/DA conversion

Merging Technologies Hapi MkII
Merging Technologies Anubis
Grimm Audio CC2

Recording resolution

DSD 11.2MHz 1bit

Mastering resolution

PCM 352.8kHz 64bit

Monitoring (recording)

Audeze LCD-X

Monitoring (mastering)

Grimm Audio LS1be
Grimm Audio SB1


Purecable Optimus Link Microphone Cables
Purecable Optimus Power
Purecable Prime DIG75 Wordclock Cable

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