Artem Belogurov & Menno van Delft


Just imagine, being asked whether you would be interested in a pile of copies of scores left over from the extensive collection of the legendary Christopher Hogwood (1941-2014), one of the British pioneers of the Early Music movement.

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Just imagine, being asked whether you would be interested in a pile of copies of scores left over from the extensive collection of the legendary Christopher Hogwood (1941-2014), one of the British pioneers of the Early Music movement. This happened to harpsichordist Menno van Delft who, together with Artem Belogurov, one of his former Master students, worked through no less than twelve large boxes of historical material: a true voyage of discovery!

Working closely together, Belogurov and Van Delft brought order to the extensive collection. They also made a preliminary selection of works they wanted to perform, in which all possible combinations were imaginable, from solo to six-handed! But also a four-handed fugue for organ or a combination of harpsichord and fortepiano were among the possibilities.

The adventurous TRPTK label immediately expressed its interest in a recording project. Amerongen Castle was chosen as the location, a place that breathes music with its collection of historical instruments. Van Delft: “The music hall has fantastic acoustics and the residents were extremely hospitable. We were allowed to record there every evening for a fortnight, after the tours during the day. We really lived there.” Belogurov: “I was completely in love with the rare Kirkman harpsichord they have there, a beautiful instrument.”

Inspired recordings were made in this inviting atmosphere, with WA Mozart’s ‘Sonata pour deux clavecins ou piano-forte in D Major, KV 448’ given a performance on fortepiano and harpsichord for the first time. A discovery for Van Delft is the oeuvre of Siegfried Schmiedt (c1756-1799), who is represented with his ‘Fantasia in A Minor’ and ‘Sonata No. 4. He also finds the ‘Vivace’ from the ‘Concerto in E Major’ by Hirich Conrad Kreising (c1700-1771) masterly. Belogurov mentions the ‘Sonata No. 2, Op.2’ by Georg Simon Löhlein (1725-1781) and the ‘Sonata per Gravicembalo Solo in C Major, Op. 15’ by Gottfried Weber (1779-1839). A curiosity is the ‘Sonata No.1’ by Christian Friedrich Gottlieb Schwenke (1767-1822), who extensively quotes from the aforementioned sonata by WA Mozart. Rarely has a more penetrating look been offered into the keyboard music of the 18th century, with various well-known, lesser-known and forgotten musical masters.

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  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Sonate pour deux clavecins ou piano-forte in D Major, KV448 (375a)

    1. I. Allegro con spirito
      8:29 Play button Pause button 8:29
    2. II. Andante
      10:16 Play button Pause button 10:16
    3. III. Molto allegro
      7:03 Play button Pause button 7:03
  • Thomas Arne

    Sonate No. 2 (from VIII Sonatas or Lessons for the Harpsichord)

    1. I. Andante
      4:22 Play button Pause button 4:22
    2. II. Adagio
      1:42 Play button Pause button 1:42
    3. III. Allegrissimo
      1:38 Play button Pause button 1:38
  • Siegfried Schmiedt

    Fantasia in A Minor (from Musikalischer Pot-Pourri, dritter Heft)

    4:20 Play button Pause button 4:20
  • Siegfried Schmiedt

    Sonata No. 4 in F Major (from Sechs kleine und leichte Sonaten fürs Klavier oder Fortepiano)

    1. I. Andantino
      2:03 Play button Pause button 2:03
    2. II. Presto
      1:56 Play button Pause button 1:56
  • Johann Wilhelm Hässler

    Sonata IV a quatro mani in C Minor (from Sechs leichte Sonaten fürs Clavier oder Piano-Forte)

    1. I. Adagio, meste e sostenuto
      1:50 Play button Pause button 1:50
    2. II. Allegro di molto
      3:55 Play button Pause button 3:55
  • Georg Simon Löhlein

    Sonata No. 2 in D Minor (from Sei Sonate con Variate Repetizioni per il Clavicembalo, Op. 2)

    1. I. Moderato
      4:36 Play button Pause button 4:36
    2. II. Andantino con grazia
      2:27 Play button Pause button 2:27
    3. III. Poco presto
      2:36 Play button Pause button 2:36
  • Johann Christoph Kellner

    Fugue No. 2 in D Minor (from Zwei Fugen mit vier Händen für die Orgel oder das Klavier)

    5:45 Play button Pause button 5:45
  • George Berg

    Voluntary XX in G Major (from Ten Voluntaries for the Organ or Harpsichord)

    5:06 Play button Pause button 5:06
  • Johann Friedrich Reichardt

    Fantasie für den Flügel in C Major (from Kleine Klavier- und Singstücke)

    3:38 Play button Pause button 3:38
  • Georg Christoph Wagenseil

    Das Glockengeläut zu Rom in dem Vatikan in C Minor

    3:37 Play button Pause button 3:37
  • Johann Ludwig Stanzen

    Sonate à 4 mains pour le Clavecin ou Piano-Forte in C Major, Op. 2

    1. I. Allegro moderato
      7:04 Play button Pause button 7:04
    2. II. Adagio
      4:25 Play button Pause button 4:25
    3. III. Rondo. Vivace
      4:57 Play button Pause button 4:57
  • Johann Friedrich Reichardt

    Sonata No. 4 in B Minor (from Sei sonate per il clavicembalo, tomo II)

    1. I. Moderato e cantabile
      3:46 Play button Pause button 3:46
    2. II. Adagio
      2:51 Play button Pause button 2:51
    3. III. Allegretto e con molto espressione
      2:07 Play button Pause button 2:07
  • Hugo Franz, Reichsfreiherr von Kerpen

    Une Sonate à quatre Mains pour Clavecin ou Piano-Forte in F Major, Op. 4

    4:42 Play button Pause button 4:42
  • Christian Friedrich Gottlieb Schwenke

    Sonata No. 1 in B-flat Major (from Drey Sonaten für das Klavier)

    1. I. Allegro
      6:26 Play button Pause button 6:26
    2. II. Adagio
      3:30 Play button Pause button 3:30
    3. III. Allegretto
      6:00 Play button Pause button 6:00
  • Goffredo Weber

    Sonata per Gravicembalo Solo in C Major, Op. 15

    1. I. Allegro di molto
      9:44 Play button Pause button 9:44
    2. II. Adagio
      0:37 Play button Pause button 0:37
    3. III. Presto vivace
      4:46 Play button Pause button 4:46
  • Carolus Antonius Fodor

    Sonate pour le Clavecin ou Piano-Forte à Six Mains in F Major, Op. 10

    1. I
      6:01 Play button Pause button 6:01
    2. II. Rondo
      2:57 Play button Pause button 2:57
  • Johann Gottfried Pratsch

    Huit Variations sur l'Air Russe "Ty podi moja korovuschka domoi" in A Minor, Op. 15

    4:19 Play button Pause button 4:19
  • Leopold Kozeluch

    Duo pour le Clavecin ou Piano-Forte in B-flat Major, Op. 29

    1. I. Adagio
      2:15 Play button Pause button 2:15
    2. II. Allegro
      8:14 Play button Pause button 8:14
    3. III. Rondo. Allegro
      3:24 Play button Pause button 3:24
  • Johann Wilhelm Hässler

    Sonata VI a tre mani in C Major (from Sechs leichte Sonaten fürs Clavier oder Piano-Forte, Op. 12 No. 6)

    4:43 Play button Pause button 4:43
  • Johann Gottfried Wilhelm Palschau

    Air varié à quatre mains pour le Clavecin ou Piano-Forte in G Minor, Op. 1

    3:50 Play button Pause button 3:50
  • Hinrich Conrad Kreising

    Concert in E Major

    1. I. Allegro
      4:36 Play button Pause button 4:36
    2. II. Largo
      1:46 Play button Pause button 1:46
    3. III. Vivace
      4:43 Play button Pause button 4:43
  • Christian Gottlob Saupe

    Sonatine für vier Hände auf einem Claviere in G Minor & G Major

    1. I. Larghetto
      1:23 Play button Pause button 1:23
    2. II. Rondo. Allegro
      2:00 Play button Pause button 2:00

More information

Genre(s) Classical – Baroque (1600-1750)
Classical – Classical (1750-1830)
Artist(s) Artem Belogurov
Menno van Delft
Composer(s) Arne, Thomas
Berg, George
Hässler, Johann Wilhelm
Kellner, Johann Christoph
Kerpen, Hugo Franz Reichsfreiherr von
Kozeluch, Leopold
Kreisling, Hinrich Conrad
Löhlein, Georg Simon
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Palschau, Johann Gottfried Wilhelm
Pratsch, Johann Gottfried
Reichardt, Johann Friedrich
Saupe, Christian Gottlieb
Schmiedt, Siegfried
Schwenke, Christian Friedrich Gottlieb
Stanzen, Johann Ludwig
Wagenseil, Georg Christoph
Weber, Goffredo
Recording location(s) Amerongen Castle, Amerongen (NL)
Recording date(s) September 2019
Cat. No.

TTK 0047

Release date

October 1st, 2021

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"The music is inspired and thought-provoking, it is technically finished to perfection, and this partly unknown "straw" is presented with great expertise."

Aart van der Wal, Opus Klassiek

"The audiophile recording proves to be of exceptional transparency, finesse and realism, to the point of making you believe that the musicians are playing in your living room. The album is dedicated to Christopher Hogwood and his "lively spirit of curiosity": one can imagine how much such an aesthete would have enjoyed the result. Baskets of simple joys, which do not seem to have been unearthed from dusty archives, but freshly picked from the garden, to be savored as a gourmet."

Christophe Steyne, Crescendo Magazine

"It is obvious that all the performances demonstrate great commitment to bringing unknown beauty to light. This makes the journey of discovery worthwhile. The sound quality is of the highest level."

Jan de Kruijff, Musicalifeiten

"This sets the tone for a feast of discoveries of around twenty pieces by as many eighteenth-century minor and major masters. All presented with infectious playing pleasure by the anthologists of Hogwood's crop."

Hans Quant, Luister

"Van Delfts performance is, both on harpsichord and clavichord, outspokenly brilliant. [...] Belogurov is also a musically and technically skilled musician, who lets the Viennese fortepiano from the studio of restorator Gijs Wilderom speak beautifully. He who purchases Miscellanea, will await a fantastic voyage in time through the eighteenth century."

Christo Lelie, Trouw

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