Maya Fridman

As much as I try to find the right words to describe the intention behind this album, I repeatedly come to a dead end.

It is as if I go for a walk in a deep forest: one part of me wants to get lost in the unknown territory, while the other lingers on the familiar. By trying to make meaning of the world around me, I search for compositions that reflect something eternal, irresistible to change and corruption. Reið means this journey, and the feeling that one world dies somewhere, and a new one emerges with every blink of my eyes.

  • CDCD

    Luxurious TRPTK Digipack

  • LPLP

    Audiophile 180 grams vinyl in gatefold sleeve

  • Download - High QualityDownload - High Quality

    FLAC 96 kHz 24 bits

  • Download - Premium QualityDownload - Premium Quality

    FLAC 192 kHz 24 bits

  • Download - Master Quality (Stereo)Download - Master Quality (Stereo)

    FLAC 352.8 kHz 24 bits (DXD)

  • Download - Master Quality (5.1 Surround)Download - Master Quality (5.1 Surround)

    FLAC 352.8 kHz 24 bits (DXD)


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