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Belal Alkhatib

Mahbob Kalbak (Single)

Mahbob Kalbak, by Belal Alkhatib (oud, vocals) and Rebal Korkmaz (percussion), both from Syria.

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  • 352/32
  • Stereo
  • Surround

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About the album

Oh eye that sheds tears and swells
Oh my father, the deaf one, who sharpened its sting
Oh mother, she runs behind her mother
Feeding on grass, the heads of all grass

Beloved, you named me with love
After you named me, you named me again
You lifted me on your wings above the sky
And after you lifted me, you lifted me again

You lifted me on your wings above the sky
And you started communicating with me through signals and pain
You led me to injustice with a blind inclination
And due to your continuous leading, you led me

You reminded me of the days we had
I thought it was like today, twelve years old
After ten years, I can’t describe it
And you abandoned me, abandoned me, abandoned me.

(translation by ChatGPT)

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  • Belal Alkhatib

    Mahbob Kalbak

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More information

Genre(s) World Music
Artist(s) Belal Alkhatib
Rebal Korkmaz
Composer(s) Alkhatib, Belal
Recording location(s) Lutheran Church, Haarlem (NL)
Recording date(s) March 2023
Cat. No.

TTK 0110

Release date

July 7th, 2023

Tech specs


Josephson C617 w/ Gefell MK221 capsules (main)
Josephson C42 (height)
Ehrlund EHR-M (voice, oud, percussion)

Microphone preamps

Grace Design m801mk2

AD/DA conversion

Merging Technologies Hapi mkII

Recording resolution

11.2MHz 1bit

Mastering resolution

11.2MHz 1bit

Monitoring (recording)

MySphere 3.2

Monitoring (mastering)

KEF Blade Two (main)
KEF LS50 Meta (height)
Hegel H30 (main)
Hegel C55 (height)


Purecable Optimus Link XLR
Purecable Optimus Power

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