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Delphine Trio


The Delphine Trio brings together three passionate young musicians from opposite ends of the globe: Australian clarinettist Magdalenna Krstevska, Dutch cellist Jobine Siekman and pianist Roelof Temmingh, hailing from South Africa.


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About the album

The Delphine Trio brings together three passionate young musicians from opposite ends of the globe: Australian clarinettist Magdalenna Krstevska, Dutch cellist Jobine Siekman and pianist Roelof Temmingh, hailing from South Africa. Founded in 2020 at the Royal College of Music, London, the Delphine Trio showcases a combination of individual instrumental talent, intelligent and curious music- making, and a passion for diverse repertoire.

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  • Kenneth Leighton

    Fantasy on an American Hymn Tune, Op. 70

    19:45 Play button Pause button 19:45
  • Robert Kahn

    Trio Serenade, Op. 73

    9:56 Play button Pause button 9:56
  • John Psathas

    Island Songs

    1. I. Driving
      4:38 Play button Pause button 4:38
    2. II. Stately
      4:51 Play button Pause button 4:51
    3. III. With extreme energy
      3:15 Play button Pause button 3:15
  • Astor Piazzolla (arr. Roelof Temmingh)


    3:39 Play button Pause button 3:39
  • Robert Delanoff


    1. I. Allegro
      7:19 Play button Pause button 7:19
    2. II. Nocturne
      6:54 Play button Pause button 6:54
    3. III. Scherzo
      6:41 Play button Pause button 6:41
  • Mátyás Seiber

    Introduction & Allegro

    4:16 Play button Pause button 4:16

More information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 142 × 125 × 10 mm
Genre(s) Classical – Contemporary (> 1920)
Artist(s) Delphine Trio
Composer(s) Delanoff, Robert
Kahn, Robert
Leighton, Kenneth
Piazzolla, Astor
Psathas, John
Seiber, Mátyás
Recording location(s) Muziekcentrum van de Omroep - Studio 1, Hilversum (NL)
Recording date(s) June 2023
Cat. No.

TTK 0113

Release date

February 2nd, 2024

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Tech specs


Josephson C617 w/ Gefell MK221 capsules (main)
Josephson C42 (height)
Ehrlund EHR-M (clarinet, cello & piano)

Microphone preamps

Grace Design m801mk2

AD/DA conversion

Merging Technologies Hapi MkII
Merging Technologies Anubis
Grimm Audio CC2

Recording resolution

DSD 11.2MHz 1bit

Mastering resolution

PCM 352.8kHz 64bit

Monitoring (recording)

Audeze LCD-X

Monitoring (mastering)

Grimm Audio LS1be
Grimm Audio SB1


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Purecable Optimus Power
Purecable Prime DIG75 Wordclock Cable

"The three musicians are world-class artists, not the same but equal and so they should be! What another delightful release from this quality label from our country but which is as international as it gets."

Theo Wubbolts, Music Emotion

"Narrative compositions, based on the Greek dances zeibekiko and sirto where [John Psathas] makes great use of complementary rhythms and themes performed adeptly and organically by the Delphine Trio. Against a jazz and impressionistic background, the work Trio by German composer Robert Delanoff is heard. A three-movement composition full of timbre and color changes with lively phrases performed in convincing eloquence."

Mattie Poels, Music Frames

"Sound-wise, the SACD can be called nothing short of phenomenal. TRPTK has managed to pick up every onset, every vibration of the string or resonance in the wood, which makes this release extra interesting."

Eric de Boer, HiFi.nl

"Their performances are outstanding, and they are clearly sympathetic to the repertoire. A crisp, balanced recording is an asset. This excellent debut album serves its purpose by shining a light on some beautiful hidden gems of the clarinet trio repertoire."

John France, MusicWeb International

"All three of these young virtuosos acquit themselves splendidly on the release. It's tempting to single out Krstevska for the many bravura turns she contributes, but the playing of Siekman and Temmingh is as deserving of recognition. Based on the evidence at hand, this is a trio with a bright future, and it'll be interesting to see the set-list the three devise for the follow-up."

Ron Schepper, Textura

"The saying ‘unknown makes unloved’ is not applicable as many if not most of us are eager to discover new avenues in music, spreading our wings beyond the trodden path. And what’s more, we can be sure that the recorded quality is beyond any reproach. A condition sine qua non for excellence."

Adrian Quanjer, HRAudio

"So as a whole, Adrift is certainly challenging, albeit in a pleasant way. The three musicians obviously play with passion, perfectionism and respect for both the instruments and the music itself."

Eric de Boer, HiFi.nl

"Importantly, the performance qualities of the Delphine Trio are very high—they are excellent musicians who perform with both a high degree of technical proficiency and a clearly evident pleasure in creating music. There is a joyful elan to their performances that is to be cherished. This is music-making of the highest caliber. I look forward to more recordings from this excellent trio."

Rushton Paul, Positive Feedback

"The album thus offers the ideal symbiosis of beautiful music and sublime reproduction, both in "normal" stereo and in "surround. Listened to on electrostatic headphones you hear every imaginable detail to perfection. A true top achievement of both the Delphine Trio and Brendon Heinst (recording and mastering) and Hans Erblich (editing)."

Aart van der Wal, Opus Klassiek

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