Discover the studio.

Otherwise known as: the office.

Located on the third floor, be sure to ask for the best coffee in town as a reward for climbing up those stairs: Most of our team members are not only experienced sound engineers, but also recognised and accomplished baristas.

While you kick back and sip your well-deserved drink, you might notice a console in the middle of the room, surrounded by some impressive speakers.

TRPTK Studio

This is where the magic of post-production happens. By having adapted the room to optimise listening to the highest degree, our team can confidently delve into the recording session to find the most expressive takes. Those will be strung together and result in the final edit.

But there’s more than meets the eye. To create such a space and the possibility to produce music at such an extreme level, TRPTK is very grateful to have found like-minded companies and partners all over the world. Their shared love for high quality audio and music has brought them all together to help us create recordings in the most ideal circumstances. Teamwork has brought us together to create the ability to be ahead of anything in the recording industry.

The passion and dedication of all these companies are crystallised in this very room, and in order to hear how all of this comes together and sounds, join us in the cockpit for the full 3D immersive experience.

And then maybe ask for another coffee.

KEF loudspeakers

The speakers that are used in our studio are the KEF Blade Two, which have an unmatched degree of realism in their frequency response and imaging. This is mainly thanks to their unique single-point-source driver technology you’ll find in their Uni-Q drivers.

Hegel amplifiers

The Hegel H30 amplifiers combine freedom and speed with unprecedented precision, thanks to the SoundEngine technology engineered by Anders Ertzeid.

Merging Technologies converters & software

With their world-famous knack for precision, Merging Technologies and their Pyramix software gives us the possibility to record at such extraordinary resolutions and make edits with surgical precision. Their Hapi and Anubis AD/DA converters make sure that no detail in the recording isn’t heard.

JCAT network equipment

Thanks to the NET Card FEMTO and the M12 Switch Gold, both made by JCAT, we’re able to connect our digital equipment with zero loss in timing or distortion in the sound. Fun fact: the connectors on these devices are same as the ones used in the International Space Station (ISS)…

Computer Audio Design ground controls

The Ground Control by Computer Audio Design (CAD) has as many magical powers as its appearance promises. An elegant black box, it filters unwanted high frequency noise out of any equipment – an unfortunate side effect of digital systems – and creates a perfectly solid black background for the music to projected on top of.

Furutech cabling & power

Furutech is an important partner not only inside, but also outside of the studio bubble, by supplying us with power supplies, cables and accessories.

Thanks to their Daytona 313E power filter and e-TP609E NCF power distributors, the risk of wobbly power grids and its accompanying noise in a recording environment such as a church is close to zero.

Same goes for their cables. Furutech has custom-made a set of microphone cables to the exact specifications of TRPTK, with connectors made out of exotic materials such as rhodium and carbon fiber. It’s safe to say these cables are one of a kind and among the best in the world.

Speaking of cables, the NCF Boosters are some of the most important tools in the TRPTK toolkit. These boosters lift cables off the floor to minimise the risk of electromagnetic interference. This, combined with their revolutionary NCF Technology makes sure we can record at extreme quality levels without being hindered by any surroundings.

Acoustic Matters design & development

One last important thing is to also design the room itself, to make its acoustics fit for the task at hand. Thanks to a full design and room analysis by Acoustic Matters, our studio now has the perfect acoustics to listen back to music and detect all the possible details we need during mastering.

Thanks to the RTFS SiRRAH diffusor-absorbers, we have vastly improved the sound of our studio. But even better: these mobile units can be moved, and can be taken to recording locations to improve the sound already during the recording itself!

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