Luuk Meijssen

Luuk Meijssen

Producer, Pop/Rock

” Good music is performed with sincerity of the soul. It talks straight to the heart of the listener. ”


Luuk Meijssen grew up in a highly musical environment. When he was two years old, you could often find him around the piano. From the age of seven, he started drumming, and not so long after, he took on piano lessons as well.

From high school forward, Luuk performed regularly in different rock bands and wrote music. In the meantime, his love for the technological side of music grew, which prompted him to learn the trade of live sound engineering. After this, he worked on different theater productions and concerts as a live sound engineer.

In 2013, Luuk Meijssen graduated at the Utrecht School of Arts and Technology in the Netherlands, specializing in mono sound production. During this graduation research, it got clear to him that productional limitations often lead to more creative productions.

Through working together with Brendon Heinst, Luuk discovered the world of high-end audio. After setting up TRPTK together with him, he focused on high-end productions of pop and rock music, something that was (and is still) a rarity. Pioneering in this way makes TRPTK a big adventure for Luuk, where he can put his creativity into music.

Selected discography

John Babel Drown EP (music production & mixing)

Human 2.0 Colour Thinking (music production & mixing)

Shapeshift Ensemble Shalygin: Lacrimosa or 13 Magic Songs (assistant engineering)

Arezoo Rezvani, Farid Sheek & Maya Fridman The Scent of Persia (assistant engineering)

Maya Fridman & Artem Belogurov The Fiery Angel (assistant engineering)

Rafael Fraga Trova Caminhada (assistant engineering)

Faarjam Koala (mixing)

Faarjam Amme (mixing)

Paper Motion Paper Motion (music production & mixing)

3FM Ik wil een symfonie! (recording & mixing)

Maya Fridman & Daniël Kool The Invisible Link (assistant engineering)

Blame it on The Drummer Stalemate (music production & mixing)

The Bohemes To The Ears Of The Night (assistant engineering)