Every artist writes music for a different reason, and in a different way from any other. Whether it gives them comfort, rest, or satisfaction, every piece of music has its own story to tell. But all artists have one thing in common. The reason that they make music, is because it gives them so much more freedom to express their emotions than in any other way. That is what makes music a form of art.

Unfortunately, in the current music industry, some record companies treat music as nothing more than just a product. They don’t really care about the message of the artist or they don’t give much attention to the recording quality, as long as it sells well. If this trend keeps setting on, the artistic value of music will cease to exist.

TRPTK was founded in 2014 by audio engineer Brendon Heinst and music producer Luuk Meijssen, as a movement against the degradation of sound quality and emotional impact of recordings. The only reason why music still exists as an art form, is because there are artists out there who want to keep telling their stories, regardless of what it will take to do so. They just want to be heard! And we want to be there to pass their message through.

TRPTK is not being led by commercialism. We only record music because we are passionate about art. Our goal is to raise the standards of recording quality, and we only work with technology of the highest quality, that perfectly captures the emotion of music as transparent as possible. Recording music has little to do with placing microphones or loudspeakers in a room. This is just a means to let people experience music the way it is meant by the artist. After all, it’s not only about what a performer is playing, but also how he is playing that. And even more important, why.

We want to invite you to be part of our adventure, whether you are an artist yourself or you are as passionate about music as we are. We feel that there is an urgent need to change the way music is being recorded nowadays, and we need everyone to make this movement one that cannot be unheard.

Let’s change the music industry. Together.