Franck Angelis

Franck Angelis

In 1981 Franck Angelis won the Trophée Mondiale international accordion competition, fifteen years after Richard Galliano and sixteen years before his two pupils, Dominique Emorine and Roman Jbanov won the Trophée Mondiale senior Variété and Senior Classique categories in 1997.

Highly sought after as a composer, Franck Angelis has participated in several creations including Mass of Bernard Cavanna and the festival “Musica” in Strasbourg. He has also recorded for film soundtracks: “Jeanne et les garçons formidables” music of Philippe Miller, “un monde entre deux “music by Bernard Cavanna.

Thereafter, he continued his performing career and turned to composition as an enjoyment.

Franck Angelis has participated in theatrical music ” Les Soliloques d’un cœur ” for the Nationale of Clermont Ferrand, directed by Jean-Philippe Vidal.

Franck Angelis has been a member of many national and international accordion juries (Trophée Mondiale, Castelfidardo, Montrond les Bains, Coupe Mondiale) and some of his compositions have been selected as test pieces. Impasse was the test piece for the 2004 Coupe Mondiale, held in Montarlier, France.

As well as requiring technical virtuosity, the compositions of Franck Angleis require great expressiveness and sensitivity from the performer. The compositions are works of great originality with a modern style, very popular with performers and audiences.
They show the creative genius and the artistry of their composer.

It was during his tours in France and abroad at festivals and concerts, that Franck Angelis was able to discover other cultures, other ways of approaching music such as Italian, Austrian, Yugoslavian and Chinese styles.

Franck Angelis now teaches at the l’Ecole Nationale de Musique de Gennevilliers (92).