TTK 0024

As the dusk falls
It slowly takes away the power of the sun,
Waiting for another day

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About the album

As the dusk falls
It slowly takes away the power of the sun,
Waiting for another day

As the distant sounds of a freight train slip away
If you could shut down all the street lights
You would enjoy the airglow when the night arrives

These moments of silence make you think
A return to yourself, reflecting on your anima
Reminiscing all the dolor that has passed
Where you came from
Not to look back in anger
Looking onward to the future
Always carrying a little piece with you

As the rain begins to fall
It is time to head back inside
Light up a little, everything will be alright
It is time for a lullaby

Slip into a vast dream
Like a mirage, a mind twist
Being something you are not in real life or…

Awaken suddenly

Just let me be


  1. Dusk QOPE 04:14
  2. Airglow QOPE 04:57
  3. Anima QOPE 04:33
  4. Dolor QOPE 04:06
  5. Fall QOPE 05:24
  6. Lullaby QOPE 03:30
  7. Mirage QOPE 06:52
  8. Be QOPE 07:37

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“… eight works stirring all senses. Elegiac gliding, like a soundtrack to the images of Caspar David Friedrich, minimalist like a Baroque Pachelbel. […] … audio engineer Brendon Heinst captured the touches of the piano with high transparency, magnificently balanced technique, and a great sense of space.” ★★★★☆

Claus Dick, AUDIO (Tip of the Month)

“[the album] has a unique sound, with each note of the piano richly drifting through the space. You can almost feel the physical presence of the pianist.”

Yosuke Asada, Phileweb

“QOPE is kind of like Nils Frahm meets Bugge Wesseltoft. It’s very atmospheric. More and more, I personally like this minimalist abstract music which builds. It’s the kind of music I can just sink into.”

Johan Coorg, KEF Loudspeakers






Classical – Contemporary (> 1920)



Recording resolution

PCM 352.8 kHz 32 bits

Recording date(s)

17 May 2018

Recording location

Westvest Church
Schiedam, The Netherlands

Recording engineer

Brendon Heinst

Mastering engineer

Brendon Heinst

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