The Collectors - review by Music Emotion

The Collectors review by Music Emotion

Behind every composition is its own story that is being displayed by Konstantyn Napolov and Eke Simons. They paint fascinating musical landscapes full of subtleties, tension, and sonic atmospheres.

Ruud JonkerMusic Emotion

The Collectors is the work of Moritz Eggert, one of the four composers that delivered their works for this new TRPTK production. People who collect things do that, says Eggert, to find meaning in this unorganised world. A composer is a collector of music. The piano and percussion are instruments that collect notes. It’s this thought behind the composition performed by Napolov on percussion and pianist Eke Simons. Simons is a concert pianist who plays the major pieces as soloist, but is also specialized in chamber music and song accompaniment. For the Collectors, works were commissioned of Jan-Peter de Graaff, Yannis Kyriakides, Samuel Penderbayne and Moritz Eggert. Behind every composition there’s its own story, which is portrayed by Napolov and Simons. They paint musical landscapes full of subtleties, excitement and atmospheres.