Konstantyn Napolov & Eke Simons

Recording Blog – Konstantyn Napolov & Eke Simons

Music for piano and percussion. A duo without a lot of repertoire, but a duo that can be more expressive and explosive than any other duo imaginable. The beautiful sonority of a big Fazioli grand piano and a huge set of percussion lay the basis for this album titled “The Collectors”, named after the piece the duo commissioned Moritz Eggert to write for them. In this piece, not only Eke Simons’ piano and Konstantyn Napolov’s percussion are utilized, but also a huge array of toy instruments, kazoos, “moo-boxes”, effects, and what not. The result is comical, grand, and most of all, unlike anything we’ve ever heard.


As a location, we chose to work at the Het Nationale Theater in The Hague, The Netherlands, for its relatively dry acoustics, making it perfect for a recording with many tiny details that might otherwise get lost in a huge acoustical space. It took an entire day to set up the piano, percussion sets and recording equipment, due to the sheer size and scale of the project.


The program the duo chose was very interesting: only works commissioned by the duo and for the duo, by the world’s leading contemporary music composers, such as Yannis Kyriakides, Jan-Peter de Graaff, Samuel Penderbayne, and Moritz Eggert. Yannis Kyriakides and Jan-Peter de Graaff even visited the recording sessions and co-produced the recordings of their own compositions, which was for us immensely interesting to do.

The album is going to launch in the first week of September, so stay tuned!