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  • Recording Blog - Le Prophete

    Behind the Scenes: Recording Le Prophète

    Before the modern grand piano as we know it now, there was the Érard piano. Designed by Sebastien Érard in Paris, many technologies he developed for these instruments can now be found in modern grands. Of course, for a more detailed musical history lesson on these instruments, do check out Wikipedia, it’s really fascinating. But …

  • Maya Fridman & Daniël Kool - The Invisible Link

    Out now: The Invisible Link

    The moment we’ve all ben waiting for is finally here: the first TRPTK release is finally here! It’s now available on all streaming platforms, as well as on high-resolution download and CD. We’d love to hear what you think of it, so go ahead and stream it, download it, buy it, and let us know …

  • Behind the Scenes - Maya Fridman - The Invisible Link

    Behind the Scenes: Recording The Invisible Link

    The Invisible Link. The link that started the label, the studio, and everything that’s here today. Writing this retrospective, I can’t help but to think of what all led up to these special three days that we recorded this album. I’m eternally grateful for all involved, and hope that by sharing this blog with you, …

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