Nocturnal review by AUDIO

…flowing like Keith Jarrett’s “Köln Concert”

Claus DickAUDIO

Even though Bart Koop wanted to play the keyboard, he started to learn classical piano at the age of seven, convinced by his musician parents. Only later, the Dutchman started going on little excursions with synths and the electric piano in bands.

Now with 34 years, this solo piano debut emerged: a live-performance, improvised opus with eight works, stirring all senses. Elegiac gliding, like a soundtrack to the images of Caspar David Friedrich, minimalist like a Baroque Pachelbel. Or finely strummed like the Breton Didier Squiban, and as lively as George Winston on the label Windham Hill. Or flowing like Keith Jarrett’s “Köln Concert”.

It’s a great thing that Koop recorded Nocturnal at the audiophile label TRPTK: founder and audio engineer Brendon Heinst captured the touches of the piano with high transparency, magnificently balanced technique, and a great sense of space.