• Behind the Scenes - Recording Paul E Gay Songs

    Behind the Scenes: Recording songs by Paul E. Gay

    I just got back from this recording session and just had to write about it. It’s just been so much fun to work with these incredible musicians and composer Paul Edward Gay, who’s written songs based on poetry by Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, and himself. On piano was Artem Belogurov (who’s already building up quite …

  • Recording blog - Ilonka Kolthof

    Behind the Scenes: Recording Halo

    The piccolo is this tiny flute with seemingly no recognition as a serious solo instrument. This is mainly due to the small amount of repertoire from it, and so flutist Ilonka Kolthof set up the Dutch Piccolo Project to promote this great yet small instrument and its amazing pallette of sounds, by commissioning composers from …

  • Merel Vercammen - The Zoo

    Behind the Scenes: Recording The Zoo

    What a fantastic project this has been! Violinist Merel Vercammen set out to record fully free improvisations with eight other classical and jazz artists. After listening to all of the improvisations that came from this, all sorts of animals came to her mind, hence calling the album The Zoo. Each improvisation got titled after an …

  • Recording Blog - Ralph Rousseau

    Behind the Scenes: Recording Telemann’s 12 Fantasias for Viola da Gamba

    Only a few times in your life, you’re faced with the chance of a lifetime. For me, as a recording producer as well as an early-music-lover, my chance of a lifetime was when I was asked by Ralph Rousseau to record Telemann’s recently-discovered 12 Fantasias for Viola da Gamba, that had been thought lost for …

  • Recording Blog - Helena Basilova - A Fearful Fairy Tale

    Behind the Scenes: Recording A Fearful Fairy Tale

    Last week, we recorded Russian-Dutch pianist Helena Basilova performing a programme of beautiful fairy-tale music for solo piano (with a hint of additional cello provided by Maya Fridman). The album, titled A Fearful Fairy Tale, will be out this summer, so stay tuned! Good to be back! After such a wonderful session with Alexander Warenberg …

  • Recording Blog - Maya Fridman - Canti d'inizio e fine

    Behind the Scenes: Recording Canti d’inizio e fine

    This album has been a special one. Canti d’inizio e fine (“songs of the beginning and the end”), written by Maxim Shalygin, was written about the Holocaust and the circle of life and death. Each of the six movements was named after each of the ancient Jewish Angels of Death: Gabriel, Samael, Kapziel, Azrael, Abbadon …

  • Recording Alexander Warenberg

    Behind the Scenes: Recording Sonatas

    There’s something about musical families that just plain enjoyable to record with. Russian-Dutch Alexander Warenberg is someone from such a family: there are many Warenbergs in our classical music industry, all with great talents. And so, together with extraordinary pianist Giuseppe Guarrera, Alexander set out to record two behemoths of sonatas by Dmitri Shostakovich and …

  • Behind the Scenes - Recording The Collectors

    Behind the Scenes: Recording The Collectors

    Music for piano and percussion. A duo with without a lot of repertoire, but nonetheless a duo that has the ability to be much more expressive and explosive than any other duo imaginable. The beautiful sonority of a big Fazioli concert grand piano and a collection of the most interestingly varied percussion I’ve ever seen, …

  • Recording Blog - Martin van Hees - Remgewogen

    Behind the Scenes: Recording Remgewogen

    With an album title composed by the autocorrect feature of a phone, this album promised to be a fun one to record! And so it was. Going Dutch For Remgewogen, guitarist Martin van Hees wanted to feature contemporary Dutch works written for solo classical guitar. By composers such as Roderik de Man, Louis Andriessen, and …

  • Recording Blog - Teis Semey - Where The Fence Is The Highest

    Behind the Scenes: Recording Where The Fence Is The Highest

    A chance encounter, that’s all it takes sometimes. I found out about Teis Semey and his music from a YouTube video I saw of him performing one of his suites with his ensemble. I decided to send him a message to see if he’d like to hang out and talk about maybe doing a project …

  • Recording Blog - Intercontinental Ensemble

    Behind the Scenes: Recording Traveling Light

    Beethoven, Schubert and Brahms in their full glory, but in much more detail and clarity than their orchestral originals! Fantastic! But how? Back to basics The Intercontinental Ensemble is one like no other. Ernst Spyckerelle – now also part of our team here at TRPTK – is not just the first violinist of the ensemble, …

  • Recording Blog - Maxim Shalygin & Shapeshift Ensemble - Lacrimosa or 13 Magic Songs

    Behind the Scenes: Recording Lacrimosa or 13 Magic Songs

    “I want the album to sound like it’s not 7 violins, but more like a hundred.” That’s what Maxim Shalygin told me before we started the recording. So how to make it sound like there’s a hundred violins playing at the same time? Well, to be fair, that has to do more with the brilliant …

  • Recording Blog - Rafael Fraga Trova Caminhada

    Behind the Scenes: Recording Trova Caminhada

    In the hot summer of 2017, we set out to record a warm, cosy summer album by singer/guitarist Rafael Fraga. The title Trova Caminhada carries different meanings. ‘Trova’ means music, sometimes poetry. ‘Caminhada’ literally means ‘walking’ or even better, ‘outing’. You can therefore see this album a bit as a musical journey through stories and …

  • Recording Blog: Maya Fridman - Red Velvet

    Behind the Scenes: Recording Red Velvet

    Creating a debut statement for both Maya Fridman as a cello soloist, as well as for TRPTK as a label, The Invisible Link turned out to be a tremendous first-for-everything. The next question was, however, how to create something even more impressive? Location Our recording location of choice was the beautiful synagogue space of MerkAz …

  • Behind the Scenes - Recording Maya Fridman & Artem Belogurov - The Fiery Angel

    Behind the Scenes: Recording The Fiery Angel

    The Fiery Angel. What’s in a name? The story of The Fiery Angel, written by Russian author Valery Bryusov, revolves around the love triangle between the beautiful but wicked Renata, the knight Ruprecht, and The Fiery Angel himself. The story is dark and occult, and so this arrangement by Maya Fridman of Prokofiev’s famous (or, …

  • Recording Paper Motion - Behind the Scenes

    Behind the Scenes: Recording Paper Motion

    A world’s first – recording progressive rock in DXD 352.8 kHz 32 bits. We honestly never made such a complex yet fascinating recording ever. And yet, with the guys from Paper Motion, it all went by in a breeze. The ultimate studio For this ultimate recording in extreme resolution of the band, we were looking …

  • Recording Blog - Le Prophete

    Behind the Scenes: Recording Le Prophète

    Before the modern grand piano as we know it now, there was the Érard piano. Designed by Sebastien Érard in Paris, many technologies he developed for these instruments can now be found in modern grands. Of course, for a more detailed musical history lesson on these instruments, do check out Wikipedia, it’s really fascinating. But …

  • Behind the Scenes - Maya Fridman - The Invisible Link

    Behind the Scenes: Recording The Invisible Link

    The Invisible Link. The link that started the label, the studio, and everything that’s here today. Writing this retrospective, I can’t help but to think of what all led up to these special three days that we recorded this album. I’m eternally grateful for all involved, and hope that by sharing this blog with you, …

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