Efraim Schulz Wackerbarth

Efraim Schulz-Wackerbarth

Efraim Schulz-Wackerbarth was born in 1984 in Melbourne, Australia as the youngest of four children. Growing up in a very musical household, his German father (Lutheran Pastor) and mother (Surgical Nurse), laid the foundation to being musically interested from early age on.

At six years of age, the family moved back to Germany where he first learned to play the piano. Upon discovering an old drum set in the basement of his father’s church, he knew he wanted to learn this instrument. Finally when he was nine years old he got his first drum lessons.

In 2000 he was admitted as a young student at the Conservatory of Osnabrück where he was instructed in music theory, piano and drums. At this time he started playing in local bigbands and formed a band with his brothers and two friends to accompany the hymns in his church.

Having completed his High School degree (Abitur) in 2004 he began to study jazz-drums at the Conservatory of Enschede, Netherlands with Hans Dekker and Joost van Schaik.

In 2006 he continued his studies at the Conservatory of Amsterdam being taught by Marcel Serierse and Martijn Vink. There he attended masterclasses by Chad Wackerman, Jim Black, Dave Weckl, Ari Hoenig, Peter Erskine and Jeff Ballard among others. He came in contact with many international music students with whom he started traveling and playing in Portugal, Spain and the Benelux.

He received his Bachelor degree in 2010.

A portion of his following Masters study he attended at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City, where renowned educator and drummer John Riley taught him. Mr. Riley was also the biggest support in completing Efraim’s Masters research about Tony Williams.

In June 2012 Efraim obtained his Masters degree in Amsterdam with an excellent result.

Since then he has been playing and touring with various groups such as the Ricciotti Ensemble, the Joana Espadinha Quintet, Aldebaran Quartet, the Post-it Painters and the Mira Falk Quartet throughout Europe. In 2011 he has played on the Oerol Festival, the Keep An Eye jazz award final and the Zwarte Cross Festival and in 2013 he accompanied the winner of the Dutch Jazz Vocal Competition Henk Kraaijeveld.

Efraim is currently teaching drums at the music school “Concordia” in Oostzaan and playing at numerous venues in the Netherlands and in Germany.